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swim meets 2019/2020

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Swim Meets: A Guide for Parents and Swimmers


Going to a Swim Meet...Now What?

Attending your first swim meet is fun and exciting but can also cause a little nervousness and anxiety. Understanding how swim meets work can help to ease the anxiety and nervousness. Please read the following information and feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns. We hope this information is helpful for both the new swimmer and parents as well as some good reminders for the seasoned veterans. 

What to Bring To a Swim Meet:

 1.    Swimsuit, cap, and goggles. Packing an extra suit, cap, and pair of goggles is always a good idea. These items seem to rip and break at the most inopportune times! 

2.    Towels – wet bodies everywhere, so pack at least two. 

3.    Something comfy for your swimmer to sit on such as a sleeping bag, old blanket.

4.    Several changes of clothes such as sweatpants, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. Swimmers need to stay warm between events and there is nothing worse than pulling on cold, soggy sweatpants. 

5.    Plastic bag for wet stuff. 

6.    Entertainment for the whole family such as travel games, cards, coloring books, books, iPods, Gameboys, etc. - especially important if you are bringing youngsters who are not swimming! Parents often bring newspapers, books, laptops, and sewing, anything to pass the time! 

7.    Small cooler of healthy snacks and drinks. Suggestions for items to bring: water, fruit juice, Gatorade, granola bars, fruit, yogurt, cereal, trail mix, sandwiches, bagels. 

8.    Sharpie marker, pen, highlighter. Most swimmers like to write their events on their arms. 

9.  Parents should bring Cash (for heat sheets, swimwear, tshirts, snacks at the snackbar, or host clubs often have silent auctions, etc) 

10.  Swimming pools are normally very warm. Please dress appropriately. Normally a short sleeve shirt is very comfortable no matter what the season but you may want to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt for those days they decide to crank up the air. 

Before the Meet Starts:

1.     All swimmers must confirm their participation in a swim meet PER THE DEADLINE FOUND ON OUR WEBSITE - DUE TO MEET ADMINISTRATION REQUIREMENTS, SIGNUPS AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  If for any reason you are unable to attend a meet in which your swimmer is signed up, please contact HHAC. 

2.    Meets require the help of parent volunteers. ALL officials at meets are volunteers.

3.    Arrive at the pool at the designated time, typically one hour before the meet begins. This will allow time for coaches to take attendance, have a team meeting and swim warm ups. Warm up times are pre-determined by the hosting team and will be listed in the meet info, posted on the website. Coaches will post warm- up times a day or two before a meet. PLEASE ARRIVE AT THE POOL AT THE REQUESTED TIME. There is a lot to do before a meet begins. Having all swimmers there and ready will cut down on any pre-meet stress.

4.    Swimmers usually keep all their belongings with them on the pool deck or other designated area for swimmers. Help your swimmer find the team or HHAC coach(es). Parents ARE NOT ALLOWED on the pool deck. 

5.    Swimmers report to the pool and/or coach for warm-ups. It is very important for all swimmers to warm-up with the team. Swimmers’ bodies are just like cars on a cold day; they need to get the engine going and warmed-up before being able to go all out. 

6.    Swimmers return to team area after warm-ups. Time to dry off, put on warm clothes, go to the bathroom, and write events on the arm if this wasn’t done earlier. 

7.    The meet will usually start about 10-15 minutes after warm-ups are over.

The Meet Starts:

1.    Know what events your swimmer is competing in. Usually you can purchase a booklet of events. It is important for swimmers to know what event numbers they are swimming.A heat sheet and highlighter are a swim parent’s best friends!  

2.    Listen for event announcements. Upcoming events are usually announced over the loud speaker, asking swimmers to report to the starting blocks or to the marshalling table.  Swimmers should report with cap and goggles. Example: “Next event #26, 10&Under Boys, 50 freestyle”.

 3.    Report your lane a few heats prior to your heat. The timers behind the starting blocks often check to make sure that swimmers arelined up in the right order.However, it is always a good idea to have your swimmer check in with the lane timers to make sure they are in the right lane and heat. 

4.    Parents, find a seat. According to SNC rules, parents are not allowed on deck unless they are serving in an official capacity, such as timers or stroke and turn official. Parents must sit in the spectator area, usually bleachers on the side of the pool. 

5.    Swimmers, swim your race. 

6.    Check in with the coaches...again! 

7.    Check in with parents. Swimmers go back to the team area and relax, find something to eat, and wait for next event to be called.Be sure your swimmer is well hydrated and has a few small snacks throughout the meet. 

8.    When a swimmer has completed all of his events for the day, he/she is able to go home. Be sure however, to check with the coach before leaving to make sure your swimmer is not included on a relay. Sometimes a last minute change will be made on who will swim a relay. Coaches will do their best to inform the swimmer as soon as they know if a last- minute fill in is needed. 

9.    Ask for help!! If during any of this you feel lost or confused, be sure to ask other parents or swimmers for help! We have all had our “first meets” and know it can be overwhelming. Once you have attended one or two meets, it will all become very routine and enjoyable. 

During & After the Meet:

1.  HAVE FUN!!! While we do compete at meets and strive to do our best, having fun, cheering our teammates on and being proud HHAC swimmers is the ultimate goal. 

2. Be happy for those that win and earn medals! 

3. Plan to do better. Achieving your personal best is the goal of the next meet. Your coaches will help you at practice to get can do it!  


The pool area is usually very warm.  Therefore, you need to make sure you dress appropriately.  Nothing is worse than being hot at a swim meet, it makes the time pass very slowly.

You will be at the meet for a few hours, so prepare by bringing some reading.  If you don't think that a bleacher seat is comfortable, feel free to bring something comfortable to sit on (blanket or a folding stadium seat).

BETTER YET, become an official and get involved.  You get to be close to the action and will have a great view of your child's race!