Registration: Three Steps To Success


Step 1: Is Swimming Right For Your Child/You?

Absolutely! Swimming is fun for all ages :)

The Huron Hurricanes train out of two pools: Vanastra Recreation Centre located in Vanastra and the Maitland  Recreation Centre (YMCA) located in Goderich.  See schedule for pool times and locations.

*There is a $5.00 admittance fee at the Goderich YMCA pool.  This is out of HHAC's control.  If your swimmer has a YMCA membership, please have them bring their card to practices and there will be no admittance fee.*

Email us at for more information.

Step 2: Read Swimming Options


Competitive and Non-competitive. Focus: Perfecting Technique, Training, Mental preparedness, Racing. Monthly competitions + Regional and higher competitions for those qualified. For goal oriented swimmers with goals of qualifying for Regionals and beyond.  Pool time- 8-10hrs/week 


Competitive and Non-competitive. Focus: Technique, Fitness & Racing. For swimmers committed to learning more and improving their swimming.  Pool time- 4-6hrs/week


Competitive and Non-competitive.  Focus: Skills and Drills with increased technique work.  Fun workouts geared to train the aerobic and cardiovascular system from a swim perspective.  Learn to race components are introduced in this group.  All swim workouts are keeping with the Swim Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Model which involves a clear guide to training the young athlete with a healthy perspective in mind; fun, fitness, cross training, other sports, the arts and family life.   Pool time- 1.5-4.5hrs/week.


Competitive and Non-competitive.  

Novice A: Ages 6+ who can swim at least 1 length of the pool in both the Freestyle and Backstroke and demonstrate some ability in the Breaststroke.  Focus: technique, stamina and having FUN!  In house competitions free and optional 4  away competitions.  Pool time- 1-3 hrs/week.  *Swim tests  are mandatory for swimmers 6-10 years of age or at Lifeguard's discretion.

Novice B: Ages 6+ who can swim at least one length of the pool without stopping in Freestyle and Backstroke and can demonstrate some ability in Breaststroke.  Focus: technique, stamina and having FUN!  Pool time- 1-2 hrs/week.  *Swim tests are mandatory for swimmers 6-10 years of age or at Lifeguard's discretion.

step 3: print away........

HHAC 2018_2019 Registration Forms (pdf)


LettertoRegistrant (1) (pdf)


SwimmerPIPEDAconsent (pdf)


HHAC Code of Conduct (pdf)